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What is a Flying Food Cover?

Imagine a clean microwave without needing to remember a cover every time. Now with the first ever Automatic Microwave Food Cover, The Flying Food Cover, you have a cover that raises when you open the door and covers the food when you close the door. You will find it hanging over your plate like a Flying Food Cover. Adjustable and ready for service in most microwaves (not for use in Convection Microwaves). Your Flying Food Cover is like no other product on the market. Patent Pending design uses highest quality, strong, long lasting neodymium microwave safe magnets, BPA Free 100% PP new material, 100% organic cotton rope. Using the movement of the door to activate the raising and lowering of the cover is a simple way to let your Cover fly over your food and contain any splatter caused by heating. Flying Food Cover has an easy to remove cover with smooth surface for easy cleaning. Also, there is an optional liner holder. Using parchment paper (sold separately) you can have multiple layers of easy to remove sheets of protection, extending the time in-between cleaning.

                                  Stop Food Flying with the Flying Food Cover



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